Free Samples, Testers & Support Materials

Orders $600 and above (excluding discounts, taxes & shipping) can get a fixed amount of free samples/testers/support materials depending on the bracket the order falls into. Subject to availability.

Orders $600 to $999.99
Get up to $50 worth
Orders $1000 to $1499.99
Get up to $80 worth
Orders $1500 & above
Get up to $120 worth

IMPORTANT: You MUST add these items to your cart or you will lose them. We will not add any for you and you will not receive any credits. If you add less than the allowed amount, whatever is remaining will be forfeited. However, you will need to pay for the difference if you go over. All non-qualified samples/testers/support materials added will be removed from your order and will not be fulfilled.


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