About Biodroga Medical Institute

A special line that combines skincare and medicine. It was developed for the non-medical treatment of skin complications or the supplementary care in cooperation with dermatologists. It bundles expertise in the areas of phytopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, dermatology and cosmetics. Maximum ingredient concentrations offer highly effective targeted solutions for skin problems. Consumers can purchase all the retail products and enjoy their benefits with no prescriptions needed.

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Maximum Effect

High-performance skin care close to medicine for real results. Biodroga Medical Institute combines power ingredients, professional support and performance treatments. The key to maximum effectiveness lies in our innovative acid concept. Active ingredients are joined with specific acids to solve individual skin problems.

Our Secret: Acids

Acids are an intensive program and refreshing treatment for the skin. They build the basis for a fundamental skin renewal and there is hardly any skin type that doesn’t benefit from acid treatments. Every Medical Institute product contains a specially selected acid that acts as an active booster to support the product’s performance.

Skin Compatible

All Medical Institute products are vegan and fragrance-free. In addition, all cream formulations contain the Derma Membrane Complex (DMC) which ensures optimal skin compatibility due to its skin-related structure. DMC helps facilitate the absorption of active ingredients and supports skin regeneration.

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Made in Schwarzwald

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