About Biodroga Bioscience Institute

Biodroga is a premium cosmetics brand that combines the most noble ingredients with high-tech components. All ingredients are analyzed by an independent institute and the results are readily available online. We offer a comprehensive product line up that covers all skin concerns for women as well as men. As of today, Biodroga products are distributed globally in more than 60 countries. Our reputation for quality skincare and service has helped us gain trust from over 7,000 prestigious beauty institutes and spas around the world.

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Nature & Science

Biodroga Bioscience Institute unites nature and science in a very special way – for maximum effectiveness and absolute well-being. This line stands for a strengthened skin feeling and moments of real beauty. Our raw materials are always based on the model of nature. In fact, a majority of our ingredients are of natural origin or derived through natural biological processes using the most up-to-date techniques.

Sustainable Biotech

We use cutting edge methods to extract certain ingredients from plant-based raw materials and natural substances to produce specifically in cell cultures. Not only does this biotechnology offer the possibility of producing ingredients in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner but it also ensures consistent high quality.

Our Secret

Every product in the Bioscience Institute line contains our Black Forest Complex – a one-of-kind complex that unites the primal forces of nature to bring balance, relaxation, energy and youthful glow to your skin. It is a gift of pampering treatments to help you unwind by providing a feeling similar to taking a stroll through the peaceful Black Forest.

Research on the Pulse of Time

Every Biodroga product is researched, developed and manufactured in our own laboratories and production facilities in Baden-Baden, Germany. Our in-house Research & Development Department designs products taking into account the latest scientific discoveries. Raw ingredient examinations, skin tolerance tests and efficacy studies are carried out by our team of scientists and dermatologists on an ongoing basis. For over 50 years, we have been constantly updating our formulations to make sure our skincare products are always getting better.

Test Results from Derma Consult GmbH

Puran Formula Anti-Blemish Stick: 75% less sebum production after 28 days

Intense Moisture Formula: 48% increase of skin moisture after 28 days

Repair + Cell Protection Facial Serum: Accelerates skin cell renewal by 2 days

Golden Caviar 24h Care: 10% improvement of skin elasticity after 28 days

Anti-Age Cell Formula Day Care - Dry Skin: 36% winkle reduction after 8 weeks

Age Performance Day Care - Dry Skin: 29% improvement of skin tightness after 28 days

Awards & Recognition

France, 2004: Diploma of Honor from the International Congress of Aesthetic for the Men Sensation series

Hong Kong, 2007: Professional Anti-Aging Product Award for Special Care Defense Maximizer

Russia, 2007: Gold Medal for the Golden Caviar series at the Technology Center for Beauty

USA, 2010: LNE & Spa's 2010 Best Award for the Intense Moisture Formula series

Estonia, April 2010: Cosmopolitan Beauty Award for the Intense Moisture Formula series

Germany, May 2012: SPA Diamond Award for the Lotus & Science Moisturizing Fluid

Finland, December 2016: The Best of its Kind Award

Our Golden Caviar Instant Beauty Firming & Hydration Sheet Mask was also nominated for the SPA Diamond Award and Anti-Aging Beauty Award in 2017.

We are certainly proud of our achievements and earning these awards motivates us to continue improving. Being the best in the industry is what we strive for because good enough is just unacceptable.

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