About Sans Soucis

Established in 1939, Sans Soucis has been one of Europe’s most successful and innovative cosmetic brands. We are the only brand with access to the mineral-rich thermal spring waters from Baden-Baden, Germany. Using that to our advantage along with more than 80 years of expertise, Sans Soucis has been offering effective skincare products that are compatible for all skin types.

Baden-Baden Thermal Spring

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Although a lot has changed since the company was founded our core mission remains the same, to develop groundbreaking skincare through innovations and careful formulations.

1939: Company founder Walter Friedmann develops the first color cosmetic products in his private laboratory.

1970: World’s first use of soluble collagen.

1980: Worldwide pioneer of the novel Repair Complex ingredient – which for the first time prevents light-induced skin aging at the root.

2007: Sans Soucis is the world’s first cosmetic manufacturer to employ the Renovage ingredient.

2012: Sans Soucis offers certified natural cosmetics.

2019: New products, packaging and logo design launched in celebration of our 80th anniversary.

Without Worries

This is literally what Sans Soucis means. We opt for gentle, natural ingredients which have been evaluated by the Institute for Advancement of Skin Health. In fact, our products are on average 90% of natural origin with no parabens, micro plastics or animal byproducts. We are a strong supporter of transparency because nobody should have to worry about what is in their skincare products.

Mineral Rich Spring Water

In the heart of the black forest lies the fountain of beauty. Sans Soucis has exclusive right to use the thermal spring water coming from 2000 meters beneath the Florentine Mountain. High in Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron, the water alone can regulate the skin’s moisture balance, stimulate skin cell renewal, improve elasticity and strengthen the protective barrier. This is why it has been and will always be the centerpiece of all Sans Soucis products.

Effective & Efficient

Sans Soucis skincare promises optimal compatibility and tolerance so they cover all skin concerns from acne to dryness, redness to aging. By utilizing the regenerative power of marine extracts and natural ingredients, we are able to help restore the skin to its best possible condition. Tests have proven that some of our products show results in as little as 4 days. Try it out yourself and we guarantee you will enjoy a visibly more youthful and radiant appearance.

Worry-free Skincare Powered by Thermal Spring Water

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