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About Dr. Scheller

Dr. Scheller was founded in 1986 by Hans-Ulrich Scheller, an expert in herbal remedies and phytochemistry. For over 25 years, we have stood for innovative natural cosmetics that work for all skin types. The equation we use is simple: natural ingredients plus effective formulas. Every product is manufactured in-house at our headquarters in Baden-Baden where we oversee the entire production process from start to finish. Strict quality control measures are implemented to meet stringent German requirements so you can rest assured knowing that you are getting only the finest products from us.

Made in Germany

Purely Natural

We take the integrity of our products very seriously. Our pure plant-based ingredients are derived from organic and natural sources and/or sustainable wild harvests. All ingredients and end products undergo rigorous checks by renowned dermatologists at independent testing institutes. Not only does this ensures consumer safety but it also helps us improve our product offerings.

Dermatologically Tested Dermatologically
Gluten FreeGluten
Mineral Oil Free Mineral Oil
Paraben Free Paraben
Silicone Free Silicone
Sulfate Free Sulfate
No Animal Testing No Animal
No Synthetic Colorants No Synthetic
BDIH Certified Natural BDIH
Certified Natural
NATRUE Certified Organic NATRUE
Certified Organic
Registered Vegan Registered

Phytosolve® Technology

Dr. Scheller uses natural Phytosolve®* ingredients which are transparent emulsions of soy lecithin extracted from plants. These micro-capsules transport valuable ingredients and nutrients deep into the skin for optimal effect on a targeted area.

Without Phytosolve®Without PhytosolveMost effects are lost since ingredients
remain on the skin's surface
With Phytosolve®With PhytosolveIngredients penetrate deep into
the skin for maximum effect

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DISCLAIMER: Not all Dr. Scheller products have every single certification as there are some exceptions. Information on this website is provided to the best of our knowledge.

*Phytosolve® is a registered trademark of the Lipoid company.

**Exception to Vegan: Thistle & Chia Nourishing Day Care which contains bees wax and lanolin.