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Provence, France is world renowned for its beautiful landscapes (and ladies of course). Essensa was created there over 50 years ago by a midwife with the initial vision of offering an alternative to Western natural therapies. The brand has grown over the years but its unique products and treatments remain delicate enough even for pregnant or nursing women to use*. Essensa captures the life essence of plants with exceptional care to revitalize, energize and purify the skin. It is the number 1 choice for anyone seeking the most advanced, natural solution for skin and body care.

Essensa Treatment

Unifying life force, energy of body, mind & spirit

Natural Blend

Ancient Egyptians, Ayurvedic scriptures from India and Hippocrates “the father of medicine” in ancient Greece, all recognized the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, herbs and plants. Product potency is derived from a fusion of traditional remedies with modern expertise through extensive research, careful selection of ingredients and sophisticated technology. Essensa is inspired by the combined efforts of aromatherapists, herbalists, physiotherapists and cosmetologists. Exclusive formulas consisting blends of the finest herbs, botanical extracts and essences target issues at the root cause far beyond the typical vision of regular skincare. In fact, Essensa has the purest, highest concentration of organic, naturopathic and aromatherapy blends on the market today.

Purity First

Essensa products are backed by a “No Compromise Guarantee” based on the company’s resolute commitment to top quality control standards and purity in product ingredients. No harmful synthetic aroma chemicals, synthetic perfumes or parabens are used. Nourishing essences in their most natural form are extracted from plants through a number of meticulous processes that other competitors fail to replicate. Essensa features products with the purest and most correctly balanced concentrations of essential oils commercially available. This is one reason why loyal fans which includes discerning beauty professionals and regular consumers around the globe refuse to look at any other brands.

Mix & Match

Everybody's skin is unique with specific needs that change constantly under the influence of many factors. In the 1960’s, Essensa introduced the EssensaMixology method. This easy, results oriented method allows individuals to blend products to their exact specifications so each treatment and spa-at-home care can be customized and personalized. Simply choose a base product, add a booster and you have officially become an EssensaMixologist.

Think Green

Mother earth and plants provide the vital ingredients for life and natural skincare. Essensa vows to minimize planetary damage and support organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation which is dedicated to saving trees. Minimal packaging exemplifies our devotion to the environment. Products do not come in fancy boxes printed with colorful graphics nor are there any inserts included. This approach saves paper, ink and cost so everybody can benefit from it.

Media & Press

Our ads can be found in the Organic Spa Magazine.

Elevating Skincare to a New Level of Purity, Quality & Performance

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*Except for products that come in brown bottles which have high concentrations of essential oils.